Thank you for your interest in PSE&G’s Home Weatherization Program for Income-Qualified Customers.

To be eligible for this program, you must meet income guidelines.

To schedule a new Home Weatherization appointment, select “Account Number” in the “Search By” field below and enter your PSE&G account number and your five-digit service address ZIP code.

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Thank you for your time. We have added you to our priority list and will reach out to you once we resume with our In-home Home Energy Assessments. Please visit for more information on rebates, discounts and energy-saving tips and tools.

Evaluación de energía en el hogar de SRP

Gracias por tu tiempo. Lo hemos agregado a nuestra lista de prioridades y nos comunicaremos con usted una vez que reanudemos nuestras Evaluaciones de energía doméstica en el hogar. Visita Para obtener más información sobre reembolsos, descuentos y consejos, así como herramientas para ahorrar en el consumo de luz.

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At this time, you are not qualified for the Home Weatherization Program for Income-Eligible Customers.

You may still qualify for other PSE&G residential energy efficiency programs! PSE&G offers many alternative solutions based on your home’s qualifications and needs.

Please check out PSE&G's Energy Efficiency Programs, or call us at 1-855-846-2895 for assistance.

Gracias por tu interés en la Evaluación de Energía en el Hogar de SRP. Desafortunadamente, los complejos habitacionales con más de 5 unidades de apartamentos no son elegibles para participar en el programa de SRP: Evaluación de Energía en el Hogar. Para otras opciones de ahorro, visita:

Si ingresaste el nombre de tu habitacional, nos comunicaremos con dicha propiedad para invitarlos a participar en el Programa “SRP’s Multifamily Solutions Program”.

Para ayudar a ahorrar con la electricidad, te enviaremos en las próximas dos semanas por correo regular, un paquete de energía eficiente que incluye, bombillos LED y una luz nocturna, gratis.

Si tiene más preguntas, llámenos al (602) 236-3065

A typical Home Weatherization assessment lasts about two to three hours, depending on the size of the home.

Please select the day you would like your Home Weatherization assessment to be performed.

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Thank you for scheduling a PSE&G Home Weatherization assessment.

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Date: mm/dd/yyyy
Appointment Window: H:mm to H:mm
Duration of Appointment: 2 to 3 hours

Please be sure our certified PSE&G energy adviser will have access to the following: attic, basement, all rooms in the home, heating and cooling systems, and water heating systems.

Our certified PSE&G energy adviser will perform an initial assessment on the needs of your home and will prioritize all qualifying energy efficiency and health and safety measures. Following the assessment, the energy adviser, may recommend and install LED light bulbs, smart thermostats, hot water conservation measures, and carbon monoxide detectors during this initial appointment at NO CHARGE TO YOU. If the energy adviser identifies additional energy efficiency upgrades and health and safety improvements, you will be contacted by a certified contractor to schedule a second appointment for the recommended work to be completed. This additional work is also covered free of charge under the program and may include up to $6,000 in energy efficiency upgrades and up to $1,500 in health and safety improvements. These additional recommendations require pre-approval and it may take a few days from the initial assessment to complete. Please note, once approved, it may take several weeks for the work to be scheduled and installed. If you are a renter, landlord consent is required before additional recommended upgrades can be installed.

Your health and safety are important to us. Per current PSE&G Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) and in accordance with CDC guidelines, during your Home Weatherization assessment, our certified PSE&G energy adviser will take additional precautions such as social distancing, wearing masks, and sanitizing equipment to ensure your safety as well as our team member(s).

We look forward to completing your Home Weatherization assessment and helping your home become more energy efficient. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our customer care team at 1-855-846-2895, option 4.

Best Regards,
PSE&G’s Home Weatherization Team

Thank you for your interest in the PSE&G Home Weatherization Program for Income-Eligible Customers. We understand circumstances change and appointments have to be canceled or rescheduled. Are you sure you want to cancel?

Gracias por su interés en el PSE&G. Entendemos que las circunstancias cambian y las citas deben cancelarse o reprogramarse

Thank you for your interest in the PSE&G Home Weatherization program. As requested, your appointment has been cancelled. Please click “Reschedule Appointment” if you would like to reschedule.

Gracias por su interés en el PSE&G. Según lo solicitado, su cita ha sido cancelada. Haga clic en "Reprogramar cita" si desea reprogramarla.